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Intro to Razor | Hair By Sarah Beck



If you've never used the straight razor or new to the razor - this is the class for you.  This Intro to Razor Class covers everything you need to feel confident with this game-changing tool.

What you will learn in this class:
We will first cover the anatomy of the razor and safety principles.  Hand positioning and how to handle the razor.  Practice dexterity and getting comfortable with the razor.  We will discuss types of hair to use the razor on.  You will learn the difference between scissor and razor cuts, and the difference between feather razor and straight razor.  

We will cover types of strokes, open vs. closed blade.  Types of texturizing and weight removal. The different results you can achieve with each technique.  Parts of the blade to use, when and why and how. Learn why we always use our scissors in a razor cut to seal the ends down.  Also learn how to create a soft fringe with the razor, how to section and bevel to achieve a beautiful bang.  

I will also go over social media tips and photo editing.  How to up your instagram game and make your photos better, no filters needed.  

We will cover the razor in depth in this beginners class.  It includes theory,  live demo, and an intimate hands-on portion with a mannequin, stands provided.  You will have a great understanding of this amazing tool and feel confident when you leave. 

Class itinerary:
10:00-11:30: Theory
11:30-12:45: Live demo
12:45-1:15: Snack and Break
1:15-4:00 Hands-on

Make sure you check out What To Bring

Cancelation Policy:  While no refunds are available, I understand things happen.  You may reschedule for another class on a different date. You must transfer to another course within one year of original class date. Please contact me as soon as possible if you need to cancel.  

osted at Hairpins Salon 1800 Central St #102, Kansas City, MO 64108 10a-4p